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Photo by Brad Jensen
Photo by Brad Jensen

This is the page to talk about everything pertaining to the book "Ancestral".  Plot lines, story lines, content, character development, you name it.  Address the author, other individuals, or the overall "Ancestral" populace.  Please practice kind regards to all and stay open minded to others opinions and statements.  The controllers of this web page (including the author) reserve the right to remove comments that are derogatory. We want the discussion page to be a very open place for critical and praiseworthy comments. If you don't like it tell us so, but also please bring your ideas forth on what you would do to mend the problem. Most importantly, get involved and have FUN!


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    Jen Frisby (Tuesday, 10 May 2016 12:33)

    Hello! I am a researcher at and we are interested in licensing a portion of one of your videos. If you could be so kind as to email me at we can discuss interest, terms and monetary compensation. Thank you!

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    Brad Jensen (Sunday, 20 April 2014 19:16)

    Hi Ken Beaton,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and it was great meeting you at the Great American Authors Expo!


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    Ken Beaton (Sunday, 20 April 2014 13:52)

    Hi Brad,
    I enjoyed meeting and talking with you.
    At the first High Sierra Writers meeting I attended, the speaker said, "The first paragraph of your book has to grab the reader." I read your biography. You love the outdoors and have a great science background. I could be wrong, but I did not see any sales experience. You want at least hundreds of thousands of people to buy your book and enjoy reading it. Are you writing your book for you or for hundreds of thousands of readers? You have to convenience your readers, to read your book. You want your readers to be pleased with their decision.
    Ken Beaton

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    Brad Jensen (Monday, 31 March 2014 00:51)

    Dear SkiWee! You inquired about reviewing my book. It is not yet complete. I'll contact you when it is done. My website is for critiquing pre released sections and chapters. Feel free to review them and please give me notes here.

    Much Thanks.
    Brad Jensen - Author of ANCESTRAL

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    Ski-Wee's Book Corner (Sunday, 30 March 2014 21:00)

    I haven't read your book but would like to review it, contact me.

    I do have Indian ancestors on my mother's side. Her father (my grandfather) was half Indian, half Negro. I do not know the tribe, have been researching. My uncle actually lived on a reservation in Washington state until his death.

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    Brad Jensen (Saturday, 29 March 2014 23:21)

    Hi Cindi,


    What does "Wicala" mean?

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    Cindi (Saturday, 29 March 2014 22:00)

    Heritage is on my mother's side and sure - Wicala

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    Mitzie (Saturday, 29 March 2014 12:34)

    Can't wait for more!

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    Brad Jensen (Friday, 28 March 2014 23:21)

    *****************************************************************SNEAK PEEK****************************************************************
    (Please comment, critique, and discuss the below Sneak Peek chapter. At this point in the story line the main character has not yet died, therefore he is still a modern man living in todays society. Give it a read and please let me know what you think. MUCH THANKS!)

    Chapter 4
    Wake Up

    Thud-Whack-Clunk! My head jams hard into head liner. Tiny red hot coals shoot out the notch in the end of my pipe and fall upon shirt, pants, seat, and floor boards. Foot slams the brake pedal and the rig comes to a lurching halt, chest hits the steering wheel, and the weight of my scull jerks my neck forward and back. “Faaaaaauuuuck! Shiit, Shiit, SHIIT!” Smack, whack, Whack, boom, thud, Thud. I beat at the embers with my hand and stomp at them with my right foot. My head and neck get a shot of pain from being thrown into the ceiling of the pickup cab and jerked around. NOW I’m awake from my daydreaming. Pay attention to the road dumb ass.

    Thud was the right front wheel falling into the ditch at the side of the road. Whack was my scull trying to push the headliner and sheet metal skyward. Clunk must have been something underneath meeting something solid. I open the cubby hole (glove compartment), grab the flashlight, grab the door handle, out the door, around the front, twist the mag light on, eyeballs and light bulb scanning. The A arm looks like it smacked a six inch diameter rock, which looks like it bounced off the tire and ended back up against the side of the ditch and partly exposed from the snow. Slight mark on the A arm, but other than that, no real damage. Guess someone up there likes me. Or just wanted to wake me up. Eyes up, “Sorry Lord for all the cussin’ and fussin’. And thanks.” Where’s my head. O’ there it is. Still attached to my now sore neck. I give it a little love rub, tuck my tail between my legs, and tuck myself back into the cab of the truck.

    I grab reverse gear and bury my foot into the accelerator trying to get the front wheel out of the ditch. The wheel finds rock and dirt under the snow and we come bouncing from the crevasse. The brakes lock up and we slide back 6 feet and finally come to a halt. My feet do the two step on clutch and gas, and we venture forward into dawning light.
    Fricken pipe ashes burned some small holes in the seat cover. Screw it. No big deal, right?

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    Mitzie (Sunday, 23 March 2014 11:05)

    Can't wait to share this with other librarians!

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    Brad Jensen (Sunday, 23 March 2014 02:13)

    Very cool Cindi! My main character is actually Tsitsistas (pronounced Chis-Chis-Tas) or commonly known as Cheyenne. The story is written in the first person view point so that I can delve into what it truly would have felt like to live the native American lifestyle before the Anglo/Euro's invaded the central plains and the mountain states. The character and his family and tribe interact with the other tribes and I believe I will have him and they interacting with the Sioux soon. I've already had interactions with Paoneneheo (Pawnee) and Cata'ka (Kiowa-Apaches), and there is much more tribal interaction to come (confrontation and non-confrontational). I have already however mentioned the Ho'óhomö'e (Sioux) as they had peaceful interaction with the Cheyenne prior to the Sioux hey-day when the ultimately forced the Cheyenne and other tribes from the Dakota plains, Black Hills, and Parts of Northern Nebraska, but that's out of the scope of time-frame that my novel addresses, or at least bordering on the beginning of that push by the Sioux.

    Question: Is your Wolfenden family Sioux heritage or Beavers on your husbands side, or both?

    Regardless, maybe I could utilize you as a source if I have questions concerning the Sioux. Yes/No?

    Thanks for chiming in on my Discusson Page! Take Care & All The Best!

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    Cindi Beavers (Saturday, 22 March 2014 14:40)

    Anxious to read more - my family is Lakota Sioux - loved doing research on heritage with my grandmother - keep writing !

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    John Emerson (Saturday, 22 March 2014 11:04)

    Love the concept. The Sneak Peek of Chapter 1 - In The Beginning grabbed my attention and has left me parched for more. Dig the Tee Shirt design. I'll be ordering after I run it by the Misses and get her shirt size from her. Can't wait for the release...I'm on the HOT LIST.

    Keep On Scribing,
    John Emerson

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    Brad Jensen (Wednesday, 12 March 2014 15:13)

    Welcome to the "Discussion" page. Let's talk about "Ancestral"!