Wolf Robe - Cheyenne Cheif
Wolf Robe - Cheyenne Cheif

Another Pre-Released ANCESTRAL Chapter For Review & Critiquing (Please leave comments below)

Chapter 9



A milky haze overtakes my view. I sense...warmth. This is new, different, not like before, with the others... what others? Were there others? I … thought … I … was … with others? Lub dub, lub dub. Did you hear that. I like that sound. It's comforting. I'm comfortable. Warm and toasty. Blissful. Floating in suspension. Lub dub, lub dub. It's always there, letting me know I'm not alone. Comfortable, peaceful, cared for, loved. Vision is hazy, but there are tints of red and hues of blue intermingling, flowing, and milky light a glowing. Lub dub, lub dub, a constant drum beat.

Gurgling and gushing now and then. Sense of motion, movement, shadows, shapes, spectral flotation. Something called time seems to drag in viscous suspension. Awareness of self. I am I. I control this shell that I am contained in. Movement, I make movement. I move this thing. This thing attached to me. These things that are part of me. I control these things, move these parts of me. I stretch this away from my center, move that out too, pull the other in and kick that one out. Whoa. Tense, extend, flex, contort, twist, contract, move. All innate, self realized, natural. I do these things. I am I. I am we. We are as one. I am the vessel inside a vessel. Connected. Intimate. Lub dub. Whole.

This thing that I will later learn to be known as time passes. I've evolved, progressed, developed, grown in utero. Now I feel a pressing, a compression. Throughout this progression of this thing that I will latter learn to be know as time, the “Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub,” the constant “lub dub”, has been just that... constant. Always there. My companion, mate, protector, giver of life. I am but the seed within the being.

Something pressing. Not time pressing, I know not yet what time is. Physical pressing. Force. The “lub dub” has quickened. “Tha thump, tha thump,” faster. More intense. Driving. More pressure. Squeezing. Moving me. Forcing me somewhere, somehow. Thrust. Drive. CONTRACTION.

The liquid haze which I have resided in for 9 months along with the tints of red and hues of blue seem to be moving along with me, forced along this canal. Pushed. But I don't want to go. I like it here. I've been so comfortable here. NO! I'M NOT GOING! Oh but yes I am going. Red and blue milky movement. Luminescence intensity increasing. LubDub, ThaThumpThaThump, beats increasing more and more. Pressure, contortion, contraction. Illumination, radiation, brightness, BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Facial squishing, lips pursing, anger, not happy, no more bliss, distraught. Slits of optical covering tissue prying open. More intense and extremely annoying light piercing through and killing/hurting the light receptors in my optical nerve endings. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! This Intensely SUCKS! Put me back assholes! Put Me BACK!!!!!!!!!

Some total douchebag smacks me with their appendage that is like ten times as big as mine. I'm crying my optics out, or whatever these things that are being burnt by this annoying painful glare are?


Then contact. There it is! “Lub dub, lub dub.” My other person. That big person that makes up the “We” in this duo. I'm calming down. Warming to the touch of skin on skin. I'm no longer floating, but I do feel it. I feel the “Love”. It feels good. Very good. OK. I guess this isn't so bad after all. Maybe I'll stick around and see how this goes. I like this feeling. This love. This warmth. This peacefulness. This mother of mine who's arms I'm in and who's heart has beat for me for nine months and will continue beating for me. “Lub dub, Lub dub”.


Blog Dos (2)

Having fun with creating a very cool dream scene today that has my main character visiting his indian friend from his past life.  Also enjoying adding the color of his historic lifestyle to my main characters description of what he sees and experiences.  I have to remember constantly that my main character would not call things as a modern man would, like say a mirror.  They didn't have mirrors then, they would have only observed their reflections in still ponds, pools, or lakes of water, or maybe in larger surfaces of obsidian rock.  Are there any other rocks that when flint knapped would provide a reflective surface?  I don't think so, but if you come up with one hit the comment button to this blog and feed me your knowledge.  Thanks All!  And have a GREAT WEEKEND! 


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In the midst of furious finger tips dancing on keyboards to give life to my "Ancestral" literary works,  I'm also digging my teeth into getting the website your looking at up and running.  It's quite the chore, but I feel that the efforts will be worth while.  I'm hoping it will be a great venue to share "Ancestral" with all of you and also offer you a chance to share with me your thoughts and opinions about my writings.  Be sure to visit the "Discussions" page to ask question, voice opinions, and critique the pieces of writing that I share with you on this website.  You can direct your comments towards me (the author) or to any or all of the individuals that follow "Ancestral".  Enjoy and feel free to express yourself.  


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