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'REZ's EDGE' and 'ANCESTRAL' by Brad Jensen

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'REZ's EDGE' - "Destruction and Redemption"

'REZ's EDGE' - The Book

'REZ's EDGE' - "Destruction & Redemption"

from author Brad Jensen


Your Father just died, right next to you, as you hang upside down from your seat belt. The sheet metal has sliced into your Dad's brain and blood pools into the car's headliner. Drunken Indians were the cause of the car wreck. After a year of rehabilitation you start your first day of eighth grade. You're forced to sit next to and interact with the tribal cousins of your father's killer. 

     Welcome to hell!


The REZ's EDGE dives into the life of a middle-school aged white-boy whose world has been wracked by tragedy.  Join him in his trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows, pleasures and pains; his "Destruction & Redemption".  Ride the REZ's EDGE!      

Native Man
ANCESTRAL - Photo by Brad Jensen


ANCESTRAL - An Epic Adventure

from author Brad Jensen


ANCESTRAL is a story based in history but brewed up in the labyrinth mind of author Brad Jensen. It takes a modern day man, sick of the struggles of our chaotic world, kills him off, and brings him back to life as a native american indian. The story drops him into the heart of the continent of historic north America. Anglo man has not yet defiled the mid-continent nor has any native in the stories setting witnessed a pale skin with his own eyes. Our modern day man leaves one chaotic world and exchanges it for another filled with bloody battles, bitter weather, and deadly beasts.


ANCESTRAL is told with passion and pizzazz and an eye for detail. It takes from history what the author could excavate on the true lifestyle of the north american natives and weaves it into the framework of a story like no other in existence. What was it REALLY like to exist as a historical native american? ANCESTRAL will bring that to life with vibrancy. Dig in.

Follow our author as he explores the mind and vast landscape that his character delves into.


Get sneak peeks, read the author's "Blog" and participate in lively discussions about the story, all here on this website. You yourself can collaborate and help shape this epic adventure.


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About The Author

Brad Jensen has always been on the edge: Edge of a cliff, Edge of a mountain, Edge of history.  This line of existence he obliterates correlates to the way he scribes pen upon paper and text upon pixelated screen. Ride the lightning bolt with him on his literary journeys.


The author was born in the sacred lands of many western plains native americans, the Black Hills (Pahá Sápa in Lakota, Moʼȯhta-voʼhonáaeva in Cheyenne, Awaxaawi Shiibisha in Hidatsa) of South Dakota. In his hometown he attended grades one through twelve alongside native americans which he knew as friends. After graduating college from South Dakota School Of Mines & Technology he left the Black Hills and the western plains and moved to Washington State and the Seattle Area. There he held many esteemed positions as an aeronautical engineer for the Boeing Company. While climbing the corporate ladder he would constantly keep his eye on the great outdoors.


His adventurous nature led him into the mountains, deserts, the seas, and across the continent and abroad. He became well known as an expert snow skier, snowboarder, windsurfer, and kitesurfer, and an overall outdoorsman.


While getting his webbed feet in the rainy lands of the Northwest, he began devouring books about the natives and histories of his homeland. This sparked his savage interest in native culture and the plights of those that came before him.


Yet nowhere did he find any literary stories that elaborated on the life and times of those natives before the incursion of the white man. So now he has struck out to fill the gaping void with his own literary endeavors.


Brad Jensen currently explores the deserts and mountainous regions of the Sierra Nevadas near Reno, NV.


The Sneak Peek....

See the "Blog" page for several sneak peeks of pre-released chapters.  And please leave a comment.  Thanks!



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